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If your company is looking to salvage equipment from landfills and reduce recycling costs, our asset recovery program is designed for you. This program maximizes the value of discarded or non-usable electronics. If you have replaced functional equipment, we can evaluate for asset recovery.


Equipment verification is performed through physical inspection and specs for classification, then testing for functionality. All qualified equipment goes through refurbish process where parts may be replaced for best optimization. Refer to Reuse Program for more information.


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Nova Terra recycles all types of IT and electronic equipment, anything from cell phones, computers, monitors, tablets, printers and game consoles, to large servers or communication equipment. We are committed to divert electronic equipment from our landfills. Our main objective is to create social awareness to all industries and consumers throughout education and by creating tailored programs that fit corporate, municipality and consumer needs. Environmental compliance is guaranteed.


Our company is the only permitted processor in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean with an industrial automated system that can shred and separate materials per composition. We will de-manufacture, process and export materials to approved final consumers with the highest environmental standards.


Why recycle? Most electrical/technology equipment contain hazardous or toxic substances such as lead, batteries, beryllium, mercury, cadmium and many other substances that can pose both an occupational and environmental health threat. If not properly managed at the end of their useful life, they can become a major impact to the environment. Land filling the equipment is illegal and can become a health and corporate risk if not recycled properly. Refer to Puerto Rico Law 18-2012 (Spanish) and Law 155-2014 (Spanish) for additional information.


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We provide complete IT Asset Destruction services such as on-site and off-site physical mutilation, destruction or shredding. Our services are governed by the highest security, environmental and ethical standards, in compliance with federal and local Law 155-2014 and requirements, meaning that not only your business needs are met, but also your brand is protected.


Today, electronic media is the preferred method of information storage. Hard Disks, memory units, server disks, CD ROMs, magnetic media and DVD's have one thing in common; they can store confidential data. Electronics such as: computers, laptops, cell phones, faxes, servers, scanners, cameras, multifunctional printers, ipads, ipods, MP3, USB devices and others can store personal and commercial information. Our procedures guarantee the safe removal of information from electronic media, and an automated process that destroys the storage media to an unrecoverable product. We provide secure custody, with insurance coverage, tracing from the collection point to our facilities, processing and approved final destination of components. HDDs can be sanitized (DoD 5220.22-M) and/or completely destroy via mutilation and shredding. We can provide pictures of the processed units. This is all done in a monitored, secure and environmentally controlled facility.


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Proper material transfer can be completed via detailed inventory services. Our company can provide a formal report with electronic units make, model, property number, serial number and classification.  The reports can be customized to your needs with online access through our customer portal. Inventories can be completed on-site or off-site using a bar-code scanning system.  


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Nova Terra offers packaging, consolidation, removal and transportation service of equipment throughout the Island, from small units in a single level dwelling, to large mainframes located in a multi floor building. We manage our own permitted fleet trucks, but also coordinate full container service and logistics.


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We help to establish and develop your cost-effective recycling program. It is important to be in compliance with laws, avoid risks and protect your brand. Build up your green and social mark by helping the environment and the communities you serve. Let the experts provide the education and strategies to have a successful recycling program. For more information please contact us.

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