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Asset Management and Remarketing

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This program can help your company reduce recycling and disposal costs by testing, refurbishing and re-marketing qualified equipment. Customer's approval and company policy compliance is verified prior entering the program.  It was established to purchase or broker equipment, surplus inventory and other units that are not ready to be recycled/destroyed. The equipment is inventoried, evaluated and must comply with the program requirements and specifications.


Companies that have stored equipment (many times new and unused), obsolete surplus inventory and other items, can use this service to reduce warehouse space, costs and have total control of their assets. Using our distributor’s channels, we can either broker the sale, consignment, outright purchase or credit items. Asset transfer is secure with proper documentation, process, certification and reports. As a recycling company we have the option that if the equipment does not sell, it can also be donated or we take it apart to reuse the parts and recycle the rest.

Reuse Program

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REUSE PROGRAM was designed to rescue qualified computers, LCD monitors, laptops, peripherals and other electronics, to provide technology access for schools, non-profits, government programs, small business and low income citizens. If you have a limited budget, fit into one of the mentioned categories and need access to technology, benefit by acquiring used and in good condition refurbished equipment.

Nova Terra is certified as Microsoft Registered Refurbisher which means that used computers and laptops include original Microsoft licenses. For more information about this service and to acquire equipment Contact Us.

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